Free watch strap exclusive for IXDAO watch users

Free watch strap exclusive for IXDAO watch users

Hi dear Customer,

We are grateful for you becoming a member of the IXDAO watch owners, and we feel honored to have introduced and chosen the IXDAO watch brand to everyone.

As a result, we have also made friends with watch enthusiasts from all around the world, exchanging insights about watch designs.

There are numerous exceptional watch brands that we look up to, and there are many areas where we can learn from them. Furthermore, we have collaborated with various brands, and you will often find IXDAO watches being sold in official watch stores such as Watchdives, Tactical Frog, Thorn, Heimdallr, and Cronos.

Therefore, we are truly appreciative of you choosing IXDAO watches among many other brands. We also welcome valuable feedback from all of you to enhance and innovate IXDAO watches, presenting the most exquisite timepieces to the public. The IXDAO team is wholeheartedly dedicated to learning and improving.

With the launch of the IXDAO Automatic Mechanical watches in the Titanium Dive series, the Engineer series, and the Elegant series, we have garnered numerous fans and subscribers, they will share IXDAO watches on various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WatchUSeek, Reddit, or personal websites), and we are incredibly grateful for their sharing and viewpoints.

To express gratitude to these clients who are willing to share, as long as you post any content related to IXDAO watches on any social media platform with the following two criteria:

  1. The post includes a link from our website
  2. The post is in the form of an image or video

Pls feel free contact our customer service email at

We will gift you a watch strap valued $7.99 and14.99, with the size, style, and color of your choice, just leave us a message and provide your shipping address, and the watch strap gift will be delivered to you in approximately one week!

You may select a watch strap of your liking from the following options.

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