We are a watch manufacturing company integrating factory and trade, located in Shenzhen, China.
We have professional watchmaking technology and focus on manufacturing men's luxury diving mechanical watches
and equipped with imported PT5000, SW200, ETA2824 high-quality movements for everyone to choose. 

IXDAO is the logo of our independently developed brand, through the homeage of tribute, we have launched many
high-quality and best-selling mechanical watches, mainly including:
IXDAO 5305 Elegant professional watch,
IXDAO 39mm Titanium dive watch,
IXDAO 39.5mm Engineer luxury watch and so on.


IXDAO 5305 Elegant  Series


IXDAO 39mm Titanium Serie


IXDAO 39.5mm Engineer Series

Our aim is to create a lifelong watch companion for every successful man and become the most loyal guard to protect your time!
This is the IXDAO official watch store, where you can get :
①100% authenticity guarantee
②Affordable prices
③First-class customer service
④Multiple selective transportation services
⑤Fast and safe delivery services
⑥3-year quality guarantee warranty service
⑦Professional technical service provide the safest protection for your watch.

100% authenticity guarantee

Affordable prices

First-class customer service

Multiple selective transportation services

Fast and safe delivery services

3-year quality guarantee warranty service

Professional technical service provide the safest protection for your watch

We have many customers from all over the world who like the design concepts and movements of our watches.
You can find our watch reviews and real customer pictures through social medias.
We are grateful for everyone's love for IXDAO watches., at the same time, we also welcome all major watch hobby collectors to find us and give us guidance.
We will happily accept and collect your opinions to upgrade and improve our IXDAO watches and develop more tribute watches that everyone likes.
Your support is our biggest motivation in manufacturing watches.
Please feel free to contact: sales@ixdaowatches.com