Introducing the IXDAO Titanium 39mm Automatic Dive Watch

Introducing the IXDAO Titanium 39mm Automatic Dive Watch

 IXDAO Titanium 39mm Automatic Dive Watch: X02T, a true masterpiece in the realm of horology, seamlessly blending exceptional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. This timepiece is not merely a watch; it is a statement of sophistication and style.

The novelty of this model is the textures. The bezel, unidirectional of course, has a radially brushed ceramic insert with a luminous, partially graduated 60-minute scale. The dial also has its own texture. It’s black but sunray-brushed and not matte finished. The whole dial has been streamlined; the inner flange is simple in its design (not partially framing the markers, like on the 42mm model), and the hands are white, luminous and typical Snowflake-shaped. The markers are also white with a 3D shape and made of monobloc ceramic composite. The date has been removed, leaving us with a time-only display. 

The movement are PT5000, SW200 or ETA-2824 : 70h power reserve, chronometer certification, 4Hz frequency with a variable inertia balance and an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring, transversal bridge for more stability. A movement that is meant to be precise, practical and reliable.

Finally, the  IXDAO Titanium 39mm Automatic Dive Watch is presented on a 3-link grade 2 titanium bracelet, again entirely brushed. In fact, it’s not only the set of specifications but mostly the look and feel of the watch that changes the game.  

It is far more mainstream than I first imagined. With its “less hardcore” specifications, its compact (but not small either) dimensions, its textured dial and bezel, bringing some refinement, and its classic, timeless design with reassuring codes.

The do-it-all kind of watch, which is perfect for a business meeting, good for a night out, yet still resistant enough for a weekend at the beach. With the Titanium 39mm dive watch, IXDAO is bringing a more modern, younger, more versatile type of one-watch-collection model, a daily-oriented watch with a fairly controlled sporty edge. A watch that is meant for those who don’t need a jacket and shirt at the office but use a bicycle to get to work, wear a pair of jeans and sneakers at a meeting, and still want to use the same watch on weekends when surfing or jumping in a pool.


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