How can ensure that the timepiece I receive contains the desired movement?

How can ensure that the timepiece I receive contains the desired movement?

Before purchasing a timepiece that aligns with our personal preferences, there are various factors to consider: from its aesthetic appeal and comfort of the strap when worn, to the crucial aspects of movement performance and overall watch quality.

A superior movement ensures accuracy and power reserve, making it a pivotal factor in selecting our cherished timekeeping companion.

The abundance of watch brands in the market, offering a diverse range of tributes and original creations, also presents a plethora of movement options.

The prevalent movements of IXDAO watch utilized include: NH34-6542 GMT, PT5000, SW200, or the more sophisticated ETA-2824. These movements are all authentic and we are dedicated to introducing a wider array of movement options that cater to our discerning clientele in the near future.

We frequently receive inquiries from customers on how to confirm the movement within the received timepiece aligns with their desired specifications.

This query is easily addressed as all our movements are meticulously engraved with their respective model numbers, subject to strict quality control and scrutiny.

For added reassurance, upon receiving the watch, one can simply scrutinize the movement through the case back or seek professional evaluation from a dedicated watch center. This comprehensive verification ensures peace of mind and we warmly welcome input from watch enthusiasts to continually enhance the offerings at IXDAO.

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